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It's the Catch Phrase Mania slogan area of Teepossible Cafepress where Politics hold court for Republicans, Democrats, Small Government types, and political humor fans.


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    Fun slogans for school, girls, your job, politics, and more.

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    T-shirts and gifts for your favorite sport.

  • America's Best History

    Official gear from americasbesthistory.com and your favorite national parks and historic sites.

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    Official fan items from some of your favorite shows, including Survivor, the Amazing Race, Big Bang Theory, and Dancing with the Stars.


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Cafepress Political Slogans

At Election Central, the politics of the campaigns for President, Congress, and political humor come to the fore. Get t-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, and more for the campaign of 2016, too.

Featured Products

  • USA T-Shirt

    USA T-Shirt

    Show your USA pride with these dynamic neon red, white, and blue text U.S.A. slogan. Great for the 4th of July and any day of the year.
  • Liberty Pillow

    Liberty Pillow

    Liberty Plus Love Equals Happiness slogan on a patriotic pillow for your home, dorm, or workplace. Great for the man or woman who loves the USA, their spouse, girlfriend, & life.
  • Libertarian Pary Sticker

    Libertarian Sticker

    Libertarian Party, Keeping the Principle of Freedom slogan with Statue of Liberty graphic on t-shirts, mugs, stickers, phone cases, and other gifts.
  • Conservative Pride Product

    Conservative Hitch

    Whether you're a fiscal, national security, or social issue conservative, get the Conservative & Proud of It slogan on t-shirts, mugs, magnets, phone cases, posters, and other gifts.
  • Political Victory Poster

    Political Victory Poster

    Victory is the Goal, Determination Gets You There slogan on political campaign t-shirts, posters, wall peels, and other gear. Great for campaign staff or office.
  • St. Augustine Pillow

    Independent T-Shirt

    Independent and Proud of It slogan t-shirts and gifts for those independent political folks. Uncle Sam patriotic design.