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Started in 2005 to provide you with t-shirts and gifts for slogan fun, sports, and as a partner with americasbesthistory.com to bring you souvenirs from our best national parks and historic sites, Teepossible has partnered with Cafepress.com and Zazzle.com to get you what you need. You'll look great in a t-shirt from Teepossible. They'll love a gift from us, too, whether that be a phone case from their favorite sport, site, or show.

Want to know more about us. READ THE FAQ SECTION BELOW.  For more information THAN THAT, you'll have to buy us dinner.

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FAQ Questions and Answers

FAQ #1 - Who the Heck Are You?
We're a t-shirt and gift company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania started in 2005 with partnerships with Zazzle and Cafepress, who fulfill our products and those of our partners.

FAQ #2 - What's Your Zazzle Store Like?
Well, first, all products at Zazzle are fully customizable, so that's a plus. Put your name on one of our t-shirts, go to it. Want to promote your firm on an image product, that's up to you. They've got cool gifts in a number of product lines and all three sections of Teepossible are available there.

FAQ #3 - What's Your Cafepress Store Like?
It focuses on a couple different things, particularly our section on Pop Culture products, but does have representative products from all three sections as well. The products are more static, i.e. most can't be customized.

FAQ #4 - Why doesn't the url on some pages at the Cafepress store include the teepossible tag brand.
Because of SEO. We started off with the limitlesspos tagline there, and if we changed, all our SEO for that site would go away. And we'd have to start wooing Google all over again. They have enough woo.

FAQ #5 - What are these three sections you talk about?
There's Catch Phrase Mania, which focuses on fun slogans on a variety of topics, including politics, humor, school, summer, and more. The second is Top Prospect Sports, which has slogan gear on individual sports topics for athletes and fans. The third is America's Best History, which has t-shirts, posters, mugs, and more on the best historic sites and national parks in the USA. Both stores have products from all three sections.

FAQ #6 - Are the products from the America's Best History sections official gear from them.
Yes, they are officially licensed from our partners at americasbesthistory.com on the many historic site subjects they cover on their website. Their products are available in both stores.

More Useless FAQS
Yellowstone Sweatshirt
FAQ #7

Do you have any physical stores?
No. Not at this time. There are rumors out there that Cafepress actually has a brick and mortar store somewhere in Tennessee or Kentucky. Who knows, we've never been, but we hear there is one.

Fashionable I'll Work for Shoes T-Shirt
FAQ #8

How can we Contact You?
Through mind telepathy or email. Your choice. Best would likely be email right now. Our email address is contact@REMOVEteepossible.com. Yes, you should REMOVE the REMOVE word in the email address. We're already getting enough spam from the spam robots and trying to limit getting more.

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FAQ #9

What is the pythagorean theorum?
Focus, folks, focus. This is an about page about a t-shirt and gift shop. We're not going to start talking about math.

About Us

We're Fun! We're Sporty! We're Historic! We have partnerships with Zazzle and Cafepress to make over 300,000 products available for you to have fun at home, be sporty at practice, or visit your favorite national park or historic site in style.


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  • Catch Phrase Mania

    Fun slogans for school, girls, your job, politics, and more.

  • Top Prospect Sports

    T-shirts and gifts for your favorite sport.

  • America's Best History

    Official gear from americasbesthistory.com and your favorite national parks and historic sites.

  • Pop Culture

    Official fan items from some of your favorite shows, including Survivor, the Amazing Race, Big Bang Theory, and Dancing with the Stars.