Slogans for school and work.  Great for the student, secretary, book worm, and casual Friday fan.  Slogan for the office party or your BFF college roommate.  Love and relationship t-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, and other gifts in slogan and image style.


Education and Occupation Slogans

Education slogans

Apple for Teacher
Slogans for the teacher you need to butter up, then get this catch phrase on a t-shirt or other gift.

Book Worm slogan

Book Worm
Avid reader.  Librarian.  Student.  If you're a book worm through and through, get t-shirts, cards, and posters with the book worm retro image.

Education and Occupation slogans

Event Parking
Need t-shirts for staff or parking signs for your next event, try these.

Science Slogan T-shirts and Gifts

Free Radicals
Education slogans or tech job catch phrases with a scientific bent.

Graduation Goal T-Shirts and Gifts

Graduation Goal
Graduation is the Goal, Studying Gets You There slogan on t-shirts, posters, and gifts for students, parents, and teachers..

Education and Occupation T-Shirts and Gifts

It Varies
It's geeky, it's fun and it varies.

Beauty industry t-shirts and gifts

Makeup Fanatic
T-shirts and gifts for the beauty industry/

Back to School T-shirts and Gifts

School Mind
School can have my Mind, but the Beach Owns My Body slogan.

Job T-shirts and Gifts

So Little Time
So Much to Do, So Little Time slogan for all those harried workers with a lot on their plate.

Back to School T-shirts and Gifts

Vote for Me
The slogan for those running for school student counsel or President of the USA..

Smart School and Work Slogans on T-Shirts and Gifts

College and Study Slogans

Be Macrobian
Study hard.  Study the details.  Be Macrobian.  Not sure what it mean, check the dictionary and Be Macrobian..

Graduating Class T-Shirts

Class Of
Class of 2014 and other years for the graduation student to come.

Farming Posters and Gifts

Farming Old School
Old school print of a farm woman and horse drawn plow.

Girls Rule Slogan

Girls Rule School
T-shirts and more for the Girls Rule crowd.

Job Slogans

Hump Day
It's Always Hump Day for Me with camel graphic.

Job Humor

Job Humor
Have a laugh at your job with humor slogans.  Great for casual Friday or a gag gift for a co-worker.

Job T-shirts and Gifts

Police Work
Retro image of police at work on ties and other gifts.

Education Slogans

Smart Shirt
I'm Wearing My Smart Shirt today slogan. 

Sorority T-shirts and Gifts

Sorority Girls
Retro sorority girls bedroom image on posters, cards, and more.

Catch Phrase Mania T-shirts and Gifts

Why So Blue
It's an existential question or one for the beautician with a hair color challenge.

It's time to Be Smart with the slogan that says it all about school or work or just making good decisions.  Get a t-shirt or other gift for yourself or that student you want to be smarter.  Comes in wise owl and text designs.  Appropriate for elementary school, junior high, middle school, high school, even college, or non college.  It's always good to be smart.  Get the catch phrase that reminds everyone about it.

Beauty Shop slogans

Beauty Shop Retro
Get the image from the archives for the beuaty shop owner, fashionista, or fun girl with style.

Class Reunion Invitations

Class Reunion
Whether it's your 1st or 50th, get stickers, invitations, & other gear for that upcoming event.  Great for reunion committees with products that are customizable.

Vacation and Airport Slogan

Fly Away
Slogan t-shirts & gifts for travelers for business or pleasure, flight attendants, pilots, and travel agency staff.

Confidence T-Shirts and Gifts

Good at What I Do
Tell the world that no matter your task, you're good at it with t-shirts, bumper stickers, and other You're Good gear.

Education and Occupation Slogans

I'll Work for Muse
Slogan gear for the girl or guy who works for fun.

Job Training Slogan T-Shirts and Gifts

Job Training
Job Training slogans for a variety of occupations.

School vacation slogans

Sand College
If you're a proud graduate of your summers on the sand, then this cool slogan may be just right for you.

Fun School Slogans

Smarty Pants
Get the Smarty Pants or I'm Wearing My Smarty Pants Today slogan on t-shirts and gifts.

Back to School T-shirts and Gifts

Team Homework
Time to get back to work and study.  Great for study buddies.

Job Search T-shirts and Gifts

Work for Tips
I'll Work for Tips on How to Get a Better Job slogan for job counselors, employees, or job seekers from coast to coast.

Education and Occupation Slogans

Book and Reading slogans

Book Adventure
Time to curl up with your Kindle or that old-fashioned book and go on a book adventure.  Gifts for the book lover.

College Bound slogan

College Bound
Off to college slogan for students and parents.

Job T-Shirts and Gifts

Food Service Slogans
Fun and wacky catch phrases for those that work in the kitchen, at the counter, or at the fast food restaurant.

Education and Occupation Slogans

Good Ideas Abound
Have a good idea at school or work, then get this slogan to remind yourself to go out and create it.

Science and Math Slogan

I'm the Variable
For all those science and math guys who know they're the key to it all.

Jocks and Geeks T-Shirts and Gifts

Jocks and Geeks
They may not seem to go together, but it's the ying and yang of school life, ... Jocks and Geeks t-shirts and gifts.

Educaiton and College Gifts

School Brain
Get the catch phrase for those with education goals who love their beach days.

Fun slogan gifts

So Little Mind
Get the catch phrase for those with a lot to do.

Innovation T-shirts and Gifts

Think Unique
Slogans for those that don't even own a box.

Work Slogan T-shirts and Gifts

Working Hard
Working Hard slogan for co-workers, employees, and yourself.


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