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It's the Catch Phrase Mania slogan area of Teepossible Cafepress where the race for President in 2016 takes center stage in the United States.


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Campaign for President 2016

Get a campaign button, mug, bumper sticker, or t-shirt from your favorite future candidate, including both Democratic and Republican candidates. Yes, Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Mally. Yes, John Kasich and Ted Cruz. Own a piece of American history as the race for 2016 takes off.

Featured Products

  • Rand Paul Buttons

    Rand Paul Button

    Support the candidate, Rand Paul, libertarian Republican Senator from Kentucky for President in 2016 with campaign t-shirts, buttons, posters, bumper stickers, and phone cases.
  • Mike Huckabee Campaign Shirt

    Huckabee 2016 Shirt

    Support the Arkansas Governor and former Fox News host, Mike Huckabee, with campaign t-shirts and stickers.
  • Hillary 2016 Campaign Products

    Hillary 2016 Bumper Sticker

    Get campaign gear for the next run of Hillary Clinton for President with 2016 items and support the Democratic campaign for the White House.
  • Ted Cruz for President T-Shirt

    Cruz 2016 T-Shirt

    Show your support for Ted Cruz for President in 2016 with a t-shirt, sweatshirt, mug, or other item as he makes his way in the Republican primaries.
  • Kasich for President Campaign Poster

    Kasich Poster

    For supporters of John Kasich, Republican Governor of Ohio, for President of the United States. Get campaign gear from bumper stickers to t-shirts to phone cases and posters.
  • Presidential Campaign 2016 Bumper Stickers

    Campaign 2016 Sticker

    Scott Walker, Republican Governor of Wisconsin, for President in 2016 campaign bumper stickers.
  • Nikki Haley for President

    Haley 2016 Sticker

    Campaign t-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, and buttons for supporters of Nikki Haley, Conservative Republican Governor of North Carolina for President in 2016.
  • Ben Carson for President Products

    Ben Carson T-Shirt

    Get a 2016 Ben Carson for President campaign t-shirt to suppport the conservative Republican. Be ready for primary and general election season.
  • Martin O'Malley Money Clip

    Martin O'Malley Gift

    If you want to see Martin O'Malley, Democratic Maryland governor, win the job of President in the future, then get these O'Malley for President stickers, buttons, t-shirts, and other campaign gifts.
  • Support Rick Santorum Products

    Santorum Coaster

    T-shirts, mugs, posters, phone cases, and bumper stickers for the conservative Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum and a run for President in the 2016 primary campaign.
  • Jeb Bush 2016 Campaign Products

    Jeb Bush for Prez

    Jeb Bush for President 2016 electronic covers, t-shirts, mugs, posters, campaign buttons, and bumper stickers for the former Republican Governor of Florida.
  • Chris Christie for President T-Shirt

    Christie 2016 T-Shirt

    Candidate gear for fans of conservative tough New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the White House in 2016.